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Development Update: Friday, March 9
By The Futon Critic Staff (TFC)

LOS ANGELES (thefutoncritic.com) -- The latest development news, culled from recent wire reports:

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CATCH-22 (Hulu) - Christopher Abbott has scored the lead role on the Joseph Heller novel-turned-limited series, the story of the incomparable, artful dodger, Yossarian, a US Air Force bombardier in World War II who is furious because thousands of people he has never met are trying to kill him. But his real problem is not the enemy, but rather his own army which keeps increasing the number of missions the men must fly to complete their service. Yet if Yossarian makes any attempt to avoid his military assignments, he'll be in violation of Catch-22, a hilariously sinister bureaucratic rule which specifies that a concern for one's own safety in the face of dangers which are real and immediate is the process of a rational mind; a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions, but a request to be removed from duty is evidence of sanity and therefore makes him ineligible to be relieved from duty. (Deadline.com)
DADDY ISSUES (FOX) - Christine Woods is the latest to be cast in the single-camera comedy pilot, about single, 30-something Andi (Erin Foster), who refuses to settle down, and her friendship with her playboy dad (Don Johnson). Andi's world is turned upside down when she discovers her dad's fallen in love with her best friend (Janina Gavankar). She's set as Emma, Andi's "perfect and evil" sister. (Deadline.com)
DEAD INSIDE (The CW) - Lyndon Smith is set as the new lead in the drama pilot, about an underachieving beat cop who starts seeing the ghost of her hotshot detective big brother (Freddie Stroma), flipping their sibling dynamic on its head and allowing her to truly live her life for the first time, as they work together to help crime victims both living and dead, and figure out the unfinished business keeping his spirit on Earth. She'll replace Joey King as Emmy Gates, a decision made after the table read. Additionally, Erica Cerra is on board as Melody Vargas: "The tough but fair female chief of the Portland Police Department, Vargas always idolized Zach, while Emmy was invisible. In time, however, she begins to see Emmy's value to the team." (Deadline.com)
END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, THE (The CW) - Liam Garrigan is bound for the high-concept drama pilot as Gah'ree: "A reptilian alien sociopath with razor teeth and an intellect to match, Gah'ree is one of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. Now free on Earth, he eludes capture by taking on the form of different humans." (Deadline.com)
ENEMY WITHIN, THE (NBC) - Kelli Garner has been tapped for a role on the Jennifer Carpenter/Morris Chestnut-led drama pilot as Kate Ryan, "the FBI technical analyst on Keaton's (Chestnut) team. Very smart, good at her job, hard-working and open-minded." (Deadline.com)
F.B.I. (CBS) - Jeremy Sisto ("Law & Order") is back in business with Dick Wolf on the drama, about the inner workings of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He'll play Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine: "He is in the sweet spot of his FBI career: experienced enough to honcho a sophisticated response, energetic enough to keep his team motivated. His ability to relate and engage easily to subordinates and superiors makes him "good glue" and sets him up as the nerve center of the office. Everybody thinks they know the "real" man, but as open as he is, if you look closely, he takes in much more than he puts out." (Deadline.com)
FALSE PROFITS (ABC) - Marcus Coloma has scored a role on the drama pilot, which follows a team of down-and-out women in suburban Arizona as they fight their way to the top of the cutthroat world of a multi-level marketing cosmetics business. He's on board as Clark Steedler, "Lila's (yet to be cast) baby-daddy and Hilary's (Shelley Hennig) ex who has been in and out of her life ever since she got pregnant." (Deadline.com)
FAM (CBS) - Brian Stokes Mitchell and Sheryl Lee Ralph have both scored roles on the multi-camera comedy pilot, about Shannon (Odessa Adlon), a young woman who moves in with her older half-sister Clem (yet to be cast) to escape their train wreck of a father, Freddy (also yet to be cast). They'll play the parents to Clem's fiancé Jay: Walt and Rose. "Sophisticated, intellectual, affluent, he comes from old money, but like his son, he's unaffected, with a great sense of humor. He adores Clem, and vice versa, and is delighted when Clem and Jay announce their engagement. She's an elegant, sophisticated, intellectual society matron who is completely unaffected, with a great sense of fun. She's also thrilled when Jay and Clem announce their engagement." Additionally, Scott Ellis will take over directing duties from Andy Ackerman, "who had to withdraw due to unforeseen health issues." (Deadline.com)
FINEST, THE (A.K.A. QUEENS) (ABC) - Eric Balfour, Dorian Missick, Gerard Celasco and Zoe Robins have all booked roles on the drama pilot, which explores the lives of five African-American sisters, all officers in the NYPD, as they face the challenges of their high-risk jobs while juggling the responsibilities of marriage, motherhood and family. Balfour will play Oz Darosa, Nicole's (yet to be cast) partner; with Missick as John Archer, Serena's (Aubin Wise) husband; Celasco as Jessie Castiano, Nicole's ex-boyfriend; and Robins as Taylor Montgomery, Anise's (Campbell-Martin) daughter. (Deadline.com)
FIX, THE (ABC) - Marc Blucas is the latest bound for the drama pilot, about Maya Travis (yet to be cast), a prosecutor who lost the trial of the century and was shredded by the media in the process, only to have the murderer strike again eight years later. He'll play River "Riv" Allgood, "Maya's partner on the farm in Oregon." (Deadline.com)
FOR LOVE (ABC) - Wolé Parks, Chloe Wepper and Lex Scott Davis will round out the cast of the drama pilot, about an epic love triangle set against a grounded, secret world of magic in present day New Orleans. Parks will play Mateo Silva, "who works under the guise of a local tour guide, but in truth is part of the secret Magic World of New Orleans"; with Wepper as Nessa Lapree," a museum curator, Charlie's (Jon Ecker) sister, and Hope's (Davis) best friend." And finally, Davis will play the aforementioned Hope Castille, who's "headstrong, intelligent and emotionally giving. A hardworking journalist for the Times-Picayune, this is a woman who has experienced great tragedy but has been strengthened by these storms and does not live life with a heavy heart. Hope has found love after losing her fiancé five years ago and is ready to re-start her life with Gabriel Dumaine. But soon she will discover that something strange stirs in New Orleans, when she receives a clue that will lead her to discovering that magic exists in the shadows of the city." (Deadline.com)
FRIENDS-IN-LAW (NBC) - Devere Rogers, John Gemberling and Nicole Parker are the first to be cast in the multi-camera comedy pilot, about Brian (Rogers) and Jake (yet to be cast) who are polar opposites and must quickly figure out how to coexist when their respective best friends, Margaret (Parker) and Randy (Gemberling), decide to get married. Rogers's Brian "fears that his best friend Margaret's potential marriage to Randy will leave him left out. He forms an unlikely partnership with Randy's best friend, Jake, to disrupt their union." Gemberling's Randy then "is lovable and optimistic and Jake's best friend since kindergarten. He is ready to live the rest of his life with Margaret, even if Jake does not support his choice." And finally, Parker's Margaret is detailed as "a sweet, sarcastic middle school librarian, is looking forward to a lifelong relationship with Randy despite the objections of her best friend, Brian, and Randy's best friend, Jake." (Deadline.com)
GET CHRISTIE LOVE (ABC) - Juan Javier Cardenas has snagged a role on the Kylie Bunbury-led drama pilot, a reboot of the blaxploitation-themed TV movie/series. He will play Jonas, "the oldest member of the counterintelligence unit." (Deadline.com)
GRAND HOTEL (ABC) - Australian actor Lincoln Younes has landed a role on the drama pilot, set against the backdrop of a Miami Beach hotel, centering around the family who owns the business, the staff who run it, and the explosive secrets they hide under the perfect exterior. He will play Danny, "a very handsome, charming young man that's recently started working at the hotel. He strikes up a romantic interest with the hotel owner's daughter." (Deadline.com)
HARRY & MEGHAN: A ROYAL ROMANCE (Lifetime) - Steve Coulter and Deborah Ramsay have been cast as Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles in the cable channel's upcoming docudrama. Production is underway in Vancouver for a spring premiere. (Deadline.com)
HOW MAY WE HATE YOU (ABC) - Derek Richardson has landed a role on the single-camera comedy pilot, about two inseparable guest-services associates at a high-end resort property and the co-workers and hotel guests that they're stuck with for eight to 16 hours a day. He's set as Gordon, "the super positive but largely incapable son of the hotel owner who throws him into important corporate positions that he's ill-suited for. He tries getting his hands dirty by working the ground floor at the hotel." (Deadline.com)
I FEEL BAD (NBC) - James Buckley is the latest addition to the single-camera comedy pilot, about one woman's (Sarayu Blue) hilarious unfiltered take on the side effects of trying to have it all. He's on board as Chewy, "who works with Emet at Gameblast. Chewy isn't the most articulate and refined, but he has played and beat just about every video game known to man." (Deadline.com)
IN THE DARK (The CW) - Kathleen York and Derek Webster have both been cast in the drama pilot, about Murphy (Perry Mattfeld), a flawed and irreverent blind woman is the only "witness" to the murder of her drug-dealing friend. After the police dismiss her story, she sets out with her dog, Pretzel, to find the killer while also managing her colorful dating life and the job she hates at Breaking Blind - the guide dog school owned by her overprotective parents. York will play Murphy's mother, Joy: "She's the antithesis of her name - a joyless, cynical woman who has given up hope that Murphy will ever make anything of her life." And Webster will portray Hank, Joy's husband, "an earnest, well-intentioned man who never loses patience with his daughter, no matter how wildly and irresponsibly she behaves." (Deadline.com)
MAIN JUSTICE (CBS) - Deborah Ayorinde has scored a role on the Bokeem Woodbine-led legal drama pilot, inspired by the life and work of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. She's on board as Ursula Tolliver, "the newly appointed Assistant Attorney General. A force of nature, she won't let anyone or anything get in her way." (Deadline.com)
MANIFEST (NBC) - Luna Blaise has landed a role on the high-concept drama pilot, in which a plane disappears from radar and returns five years later after being untraceable and presumed lost at sea. Blaise will play Olive, "Cal's twin sister who never really got over the devastating loss of her father and brother on that mysterious flight. Now that they're back, the bond between siblings is still as close as ever - even though they're now years apart in age." (Deadline.com)
MISSION, THE (A.K.A. SAFE HARBOR) (ABC) - Wood Harris is the latest to be cast in the drama pilot, about the colorful, complicated lives of cops on and off the beat as we follow them into harrowing, emotional and often humorous situations. He'll play Frank Griffith aka Griff, "Ori's (Lynn Collins) training officer, a veteran cop whose lackluster enthusiasm for the job rankles her." (Deadline.com)
MOST LIKELY TO... (ABC) - Lesli Margherita is set to star opposite Yvette Nicole Brown in multi-camera comedy pilot, about Liz Cooney (Margherita) and Markie McQueen (Brown). In high school, Liz had everything and Markie had nothing. 20 years later, they're reunited under the same roof as single moms and unlikely housemates. Margherita's Liz is "a fabulous trainwreck who lives by her own rules. Forced to exit Los Angeles for her hometown when her marriage fell apart, Liz's secret insecurities began to show around Markie." (Deadline.com)
PANDAS IN NEW YORK (CBS) - Hina Abdullah, Dan O'Brien, Bernard White and Gita Reddy have all scored roles on the multi-camera comedy pilot, about a family of Indian doctors with a successful group practice in New York City who embark on a project to arrange their youngest son's life, unaware he's made plans of his own. Abdullah will play Asha, "Rishi's younger sister and a bit of a rebel, Asha is the least traditional of his two sisters." O'Brien then will portray Jim, "Gita's husband, a perpetually tired, low-key guy who is the father of their triplets." White is set as Om, "the father of Rishi, Gita and Asha. Also a physician, he's a happy, very traditional father who wants Rishi to behave in a traditional manner: marry a nice Indian girl (with a medical degree), carry on the dynasty, and join the family practice." And Reddy is Pushpa, "the mother of Rishi, Gita and Asha, and a world-class expert in ACL surgery." Finally, Mark Cendrowski has been tapped to direct, taking over for Andy Ackerman. (Deadline.com)
RED LINE (CBS) - Howard Charles and Elizabeth Laidlaw are both bound for the drama pilot, which explores what happens after a white cop in Chicago mistakenly shoots and kills a black doctor. Charles will play Ethan (FKA Aaron) Young, "Tia's (Emayatzy Corinealdi) warm, kind husband who works as a train operator on Chicago's Red Line. While he supports his wife's political career, he cautions about reconnecting with her biological daughter." Laidlaw then is set as Victoria Renna, "a hard-working mother of two children and devoted police partner of Pete Evans (Noel Fisher), who shot an African-American doctor. Her unconditional loyalty to her partner led her to take a questionable action." (Deadline.com)
THREE RIVERS (ABC) - Stephanie Styles has been tapped for the single-camera comedy pilot, about Rebecca (Annaleigh Ashford), who left her family's Texas ranch years ago to work at an upscale hotel in New York, but after being promised ownership of the ranch by her smooth-talking cowboy dad Beau (John Larroquette), she's back and ready to utilize her big city tactics to turn their rustic ranch into a destination spot oozing Southern hospitality. Styles will play Leanne, "a real Southern beauty who's always pageant ready." (Deadline.com)

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[06/29/22 - 02:01 PM]
Japanese Series "The Queen of Villains" Main Cast Announcement
Popular Japanese comedian Yuriyan Retriever will star in the titular role, which is set for release on Netflix in 2023.

[06/29/22 - 12:24 PM]
NBA World Champion and Finals MVP Stephen Curry to Host "The 2022 ESPYS Presented by Capital One" Airing July 20 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on ABC
Said Curry: "I've had the pleasure of attending The ESPYS but never imagined I'd have the privilege of hosting this special event."

[06/29/22 - 12:20 PM]
Hallmark Channel Claims #1 Most-Watched Network During Weekend Total Day and Weekend Primetime for the Month of June
The June 25 premiere of "Two Tickets to Paradise" starring Ashley Williams and Ryan Paevey delivered especially strong results with 2.2 million total viewers and 235,000 women 25-54.

[06/29/22 - 12:00 PM]
Walt Disney Television Alternative, The Newly Formed Unscripted Production Unit for Walt Disney Television, Announces Key Executives
Jill Chapman has been named vice president, Alternative Series and Content Planning; Alicia Martino joins as vice president, Alternative Series; and Mike Rosen will serve as vice president, Production.

[06/29/22 - 11:30 AM]
NBC Announces Fall Premiere Dates
Scripted programming will launch the week of September 19 and will include the premiere of the reimagined "Quantum Leap," starring Raymond Lee.

[06/29/22 - 11:00 AM]
"South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2" Is Coming Exclusively to Paramount+, Wednesday, July 13
In the latest special, a drought has brought the town of South Park to the brink of disaster.

[06/29/22 - 10:47 AM]
Vince Staples, Xavier Mills, Melvin Gregg, Essence Renae and Karen Obilom to Star in Showtime Comedy Series Pilot "The Wood"
Guest stars Richard T. Jones and Tamala Jones will reprise their original roles as Slim and Tanya from the film.

[06/29/22 - 10:36 AM]
Chefs Must Satisfy the Most Particular of Palates in Brand-New Competition Series "It's CompliPlated" Hosted by Vegan Foodie Tabitha Brown
The series premieres Thursday, August 11 at 10:00/9:00c on Food Network and streaming on discovery+.

[06/29/22 - 10:35 AM]
"BET Awards": Culture's Biggest Night Claims #1 Spot as Best Performing Cable Award Show
The event premiered Sunday, June 26, and drew 3.2 million total viewers, as it was simulcast live across 10 Paramount Global networks.

[06/29/22 - 10:00 AM]
"Why Not Us: Southern Dance" Premieres Thursday, August 11 Exclusively on ESPN+
The new, eight-episode ESPN+ original will take fans behind-the-scenes of Southern University's dance line, the Dancing Dolls.

[06/29/22 - 09:58 AM]
Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz to Star in New Film "Back in Action" for Netflix
The storyline for the action comedy film is being kept under wraps.

[06/29/22 - 09:31 AM]
Peacock Releases Series Premiere Date Schedule & Early Teaser Images for Highly Anticipated All-New Original Scripted Slate
Newly announced premieres include "Last Light" (September 8), "Vampire Academy" (September 15), "A Friend of the Family" (October 6), "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin" (November 23), "Irreverent" (November 30) and "The Best Man: The Final Chapters" (December 22).

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Video: "Blown Away" Season 3 - Official Trailer - Netflix
The hot shop welcomes 10 talented new glassblowers for captivating challenges inspired by outer space, the circus, the Seven Deadly Sins and more.

[06/29/22 - 09:02 AM]
The Walt Disney Company Announces Lineup of Exclusive Activations at the 2022 Essence Festival of Culture Presented by Coca-Cola
Festival goers will have a chance to sit in on talent panels, watch exclusive screenings, meet Disney stars and more, from June 30 to July 3.

[06/29/22 - 09:00 AM]
"Nikki Glaser: Good Clean Filth," The Comedian and Actress' First Hour-Long HBO Comedy Special, Debuts July 16
Taped late last year at the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado in front of a sold-out audience, Nikki Glaser takes on a range of topics in her brutally-honest yet conversational style.