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date (day) time network episode title
8/6/20 (Th.)10:30 AMNICK(#316B) Ryan's Scientific Playdate
8/5/20 (We.)10:30 AMNICK(#316A) Ryan's Builder Playdate
8/4/20 (Tu.)10:30 AMNICK(#315B) Ryan's Fiddlin' Fun Playdate
8/3/20 (Mo.)10:30 AMNICK(#315A) Ryan's Artsy Playdate
7/9/20 (Th.)10:30 AMNICK(#312A) Ryan's Drivin' Playdate
7/8/20 (We.)10:30 AMNICK(#312B) Ryan's Chatterin' Playdate
7/7/20 (Tu.)10:30 AMNICK(#313B) Ryan's Gnarly Playdate
7/6/20 (Mo.)10:30 AMNICK(#313A) Ryan's Most Decorated Playdate
7/2/20 (Th.)10:30 AMNICK(#310B) Ryan's Storytellin' Playdate
7/1/20 (We.)10:30 AMNICK(#310A) Ryan's Sharin' Playdate
6/30/20 (Tu.)10:30 AMNICK(#309B) Ryan's Twirlin' Playdate
6/29/20 (Mo.)10:30 AMNICK(#309A) Ryan's Cheerin' Playdate
6/26/20 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#311) Ryan's Jurassic Playdate
5/15/20 (Fr.)10:30 AMNICK(#308B) Ryan's Rollin' Playdate
5/14/20 (Th.)10:30 AMNICK(#308A) Ryan's Cued Up Playdate
5/13/20 (We.)10:30 AMNICK(#307B) Ryan's Flyin' Playdate
5/12/20 (Tu.)10:30 AMNICK(#307A) Ryan's Freestylin' Playdate
5/11/20 (Mo.)10:30 AMNICK(#305B) Ryan's Tangled-Up Playdate
5/8/20 (Fr.)10:30 AMNICK(#305A) Ryan's Masked Playdate
5/7/20 (Th.)10:30 AMNICK(#304B) Ryan's Flowin' Playdate
5/6/20 (We.)10:30 AMNICK(#304A) Ryan's Dancin' Playdate
5/5/20 (Tu.)10:30 AMNICK(#303B) Ryan's Foldin' Playdate
5/4/20 (Mo.)10:30 AMNICK(#303A) Ryan's Sweet Treat Playdate
5/1/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMNICK(#302) Ryan's Frosty Playdate/Ryan's Tasty Playdate (R)
4/24/20 (Fr.)9:35 AMNICK(#201B) Ryan's Brave Playdate (R)
4/10/20 (Fr.)9:35 AMNICK(#117A) Ryan's Protective Playdate (R)
4/3/20 (Fr.)9:35 AMNICK(#103A) Ryan's Super Playdate (R)
4/2/20 (Th.)9:30 AMNICK(#302B) Ryan's Tasty Playdate
4/1/20 (We.)9:30 AMNICK(#302A) Ryan's Frosty Playdate
3/31/20 (Tu.)9:30 AMNICK(#301B) Ryan's Foamy Playdate
3/30/20 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#301A) Ryan's Slithering Playdate
3/5/20 (Th.)12:30 PMNICK(#114) Ryan's Spiffy Playdate/Ryan's Beachy Playdate (R)
3/4/20 (We.)12:30 PMNICK(#219) Ryan's Daring Playdate/Ryan's Sortin' Playdate (R)
2/27/20 (Th.)12:30 PMNICK(#220) Ryan's Jungle Lovin' Playdate/Ryan's Plunging Playdate (R)
2/25/20 (Tu.)12:30 PMNICK(#205) Ryan's Pinned Playdate/Ryan's Sudsy Playdate (R)
2/20/20 (Th.)12:30 PMNICK(#220B) Ryan's Plunging Playdate
2/19/20 (We.)12:30 PMNICK(#220A) Ryan's Jungle Lovin' Playdate
2/18/20 (Tu.)12:30 PMNICK(#220A) Ryan's Jungle Lovin' Playdate (R)
2/18/20 (Tu.)12:30 PMNICK(#205B) Ryan's Sudsy Playdate
2/17/20 (Mo.)10:45 AMNICK(#206A) Ryan's Golden Playdate (R)
2/17/20 (Mo.)10:30 AMNICK(#205A) Ryan's Pinned Playdate
2/13/20 (Th.)12:30 PMNICK(#216) Ryan's Swift Playdate/Ryan's Delicious Playdate (R)
2/12/20 (We.)12:30 PMNICK(#218) Ryan's Spectacular Playdate/Ryan's Feathery Playdate (R)
2/11/20 (Tu.)12:30 PMNICK(#214) Ryan's Gliding Playdate/Ryan's Climbin' Playdate (R)
2/10/20 (Mo.)12:30 PMNICK(#210) Ryan's Subscribed Playdate/Ryan's Plundering Playdate (R)
2/4/20 (Tu.)1:30 PMNICK(#215) Ryan's Global Playdate/Ryan's Stacked Playdate (R)
1/30/20 (Th.)1:30 PMNICK(#217) Ryan's Leading Playdate/Ryan's Balanced Playdate (R)
1/16/20 (Th.)12:00 PMNICK(#219B) Ryan's Sortin' Playdate
1/15/20 (We.)12:00 PMNICK(#219A) Ryan's Daring Playdate
1/14/20 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#214B) Ryan's Climbin' Playdate
1/13/20 (Mo.)12:00 PMNICK(#214A) Ryan's Gliding Playdate
12/19/19 (Th.)12:00 PMNICK(#218B) Ryan's Feathery Playdate
12/18/19 (We.)12:00 PMNICK(#218A) Ryan's Spectacular Playdate
12/17/19 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#217B) Ryan's Balanced Playdate
12/16/19 (Mo.)12:00 PMNICK(#217A) Ryan's Leading Playdate
12/12/19 (Th.)12:00 PMNICK(#216B) Ryan's Delicious Playdate
12/11/19 (We.)12:00 PMNICK(#216A) Ryan's Swift Playdate
12/10/19 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#215B) Ryan's Stacked Playdate
12/9/19 (Mo.)12:00 PMNICK(#215A) Ryan's Global Playdate
12/5/19 (Th.)12:00 PMNICK(#210B) Ryan's Plundering Playdate
12/4/19 (We.)12:00 PMNICK(#210A) Ryan's Mystery Playdate : Ryan's Subscribed Playdate
12/3/19 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#202) Ryan's Nimble Playdate/Ryan's Hilarious Playdate
12/2/19 (Mo.)12:00 PMNICK(#213) Ryan's Merry Playdate
10/31/19 (Th.)11:30 AMNICK(#212) Ryan's Legendary Playdate/Ryan's Master Handed Playdate
10/30/19 (We.)11:30 AMNICK(#211) Ryan's Fixer-Upper Playdate/Ryan's Hoppin' Playdate
10/29/19 (Tu.)11:30 AMNICK(#207) Ryan's Rose Worthy Playdate/Ryan's Animated Playdate
10/28/19 (Mo.)11:30 AMNICK(#206) Ryan's Golden Playdate/Ryan's Free Fallin' Playdate
10/18/19 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#209) Ryan's Spooky Playdate
10/3/19 (Th.)11:00 AMNICK(#208) Ryan's Camera Ready Playdate/Ryan's Rattlin' Playdate
10/2/19 (We.)11:00 AMNICK(#204) Ryan's Chopping Playdate/Ryan's Skatin' Playdate
10/1/19 (Tu.)11:00 AMNICK(#203) Ryan's Short Stack Playdate/Ryan's Stamped Playdate
9/30/19 (Mo.)11:00 AMNICK(#201) Ryan's Family Playdate/Ryan's Brave Playdate
9/20/19 (Fr.)11:00 AMNICK(#119) Ryan's Sweet Playdate/Ryan's Healthy Playdate
9/19/19 (Th.)11:00 AMNICK(#120) Ryan's High-Score Playdate/Ryan's Athletic Playdate
9/18/19 (We.)11:00 AMNICK(#118) Ryan's Musical Playdate/Ryan's Winning Playdate
9/17/19 (Tu.)11:00 AMNICK(#117) Ryan's High-Flying Playdate/Ryan's Protective Playdate
9/16/19 (Mo.)11:00 AMNICK(#116) Ryan's Jokey Playdate/Ryan's Veggie Playdate
8/23/19 (Fr.)11:00 AMNICK(#115) Ryan's Marching Playdate/Ryan's Amazing Playdate
8/22/19 (Th.)11:00 AMNICK(#114B) Ryan's Beachy Playdate
8/21/19 (We.)11:00 AMNICK(#114A) Ryan's Spiffy Playdate
8/20/19 (Tu.)11:00 AMNICK(#113) Ryan's Icy Playdate/Ryan's Spinning Playdate
8/19/19 (Mo.)11:00 AMNICK(#112) Ryan's Wild West Playdate/Ryan's Stringy Playdate
7/26/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMNICK(#110) Ryan's Rainy Day Playdate/Ryan's Dunking Playdate
7/12/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMNICK(#111) Ryan's Handy Playdate/Ryan's Really Fast Playdate
6/28/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMNICK(#109) Ryan's Jumpin' Playdate/Ryan's Twisty Playdate
6/7/19 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#108) Ryan's Yummy Playdate/Ryan's Speedy Playdate
5/27/19 (Mo.)11:30 AMNICK(#107) Ryan's Rockin' Playdate/Ryan's Out-Of-This World Playdate
5/17/19 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#106) Ryan's Champion Playdate/Ryan's Traveling Playdate
5/10/19 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#105) Ryan's Fiery Playdate/Ryan's Crafty Playdate
5/3/19 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#104) Ryan's Colorful Playdate/Ryan's Wild Playdate
4/26/19 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#103) Ryan's Tricky Playdate/Ryan's Super Playdate
4/20/19 (Sa.)12:30 PMNICK(#102) Ryan's Experimental Playdate/Ryan's Kick-Flipping Playdate
4/19/19 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#101) Ryan's Kickin' Playdate/Ryan's Viral Playdate

4/19/19 - ???
currently airing (summer 2020)
fridays from 12:30 PM-1:00 PM EST
3 (20 episodes)
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(from Nickelodeon's press release, February 2020) Nickelodeon has greenlit a third season of the top-rated preschool series Ryan's Mystery Playdate, starring eight-year-old YouTube superstar Ryan of Ryan's World. Created and produced by pocket.watch, the studio creating global franchises from the YouTube stars and characters loved by Generation Alpha, the live-action series follows Ryan as he tackles a series of imaginative, physical challenges and solves mystery box puzzles to reveal the identity of his playdate. Ryan's Mystery Playdate ranked as the number-one preschool series on all TV for 2019, and new season three episodes will begin airing this Spring. Ryan's Mystery Playdate airs regularly weekdays at 12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon and 4:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on the Nick Jr. channel. The third season of Ryan's Mystery Playdate (20 episodes) will feature a new-and-improved Guess-O-Tron and follow Ryan and his parents as they meet exciting all-new playdates, solve complex mystery box puzzles, tackle epic dunk tank and zip line challenges, and take super silly selfies with each guest.
· Ryan Kaji
· Albie Hecht as CRTR/EP
· Chris M. Williams as EP
· Loann Kaji as EP
· Shion Kaji as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· pocket.watch